Magic: The Gathering

Wednesday @ 7 PM:  Standard MTG

Friday @ 7 PM:  Friday Night Magic Standard     Saturday @ 7 PM:  $10 Draft [With 7 packs in prizes!]

Sunday @ 2 PM:  EDH/Commander



Saturday @ 12 PM:  Official Konami Sanctioned Advanced Format



Sunday Between 1 PM & 5 PM:  Official Pokémon league.  Free to participate with prizes, badges, and more!  [TCG & Video Game]


Board Games

Open board gaming every day, come in and play!


Dungeons & Dragons

Our side rooms are for rent for private D&D and other RPG groups.  $5/hour regardless of group size.  A thick fire-wall and door separates you from our main room allowing plenty of privacy and depth to your campaign!



Saturday @ 12 PM:  Warhammer 40K & BattleTech


Video Games

Thursday @ 7 PM:  Super Smash Brothers 4 & Melee


Want us to do something else?  Let us know!  If there's a crowd looking for something to do, we want to help!